Guidelines for Oral Sessions 論文口頭發表規則說明

  1. Please confirm your presentation number and time allocation: 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A, totaling 15 minutes per presentation. Visual cues will be given at 3 minutes and 1 minute before the report ends. When the time is up, a bell will ring, signaling the end of the presentation.
  2. Please arrive 15 minutes early at the presentation room. Place your files on the computer provided at the TAAI conference and test them in advance.
  3. The computers provided in TAAI’s presentation rooms operate on the Windows operating system. If you require a different system for your presentation, please bring the necessary adapters or equipment.
  1. 確認您的發表序號與時間,12分鐘報告 3 分鐘問答,共15分鐘/篇。在報告倒數第3分鐘、第1分鐘時,將各舉牌提示一次,時間到即響鈴,請報告人掌握時間。
  2. 請提早15分鐘抵達發表教室,並將您的檔案放置於各發表教授的電腦內,並提前測試。
  3. 發表教室所提供的電腦設備為 Windows 系統,如您需使用其他系統進行發表,請自備所需的相關轉接器材。

Guidelines for Poster Sessions 論文海報規則說明

  1. The poster should be vertical (85cm wide x 100cm high), presenting one paper per board. Authors are requested to adhere to a standardized format.
  2. Basic Information: It must include the conference name, paper number, title, and author information.

      ● Conference Name: The 28th International Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (TAAI)

      ● Title: XXXXX

      ● Authors: Author 1, Author 2

      ● Affiliations: Institution Name 1, Institution Name 2

      ● Paper Number: (Use ‘I’ for international track, ‘D’ for domestic track. e.g., D01, I49)

  1. Poster Content: The primary focus should be on presenting research results. In addition to basic information, it may also include an introduction, literature review, research methods, conclusions. The author should make the content clear and emphasize key points.
  2. Authors are responsible for printing the poster. Please post your poster before the Poster Session begins and remove it at the end of the session.
  3. Authors should explain the content of their thesis during the Poster Session.
  4. Poster format download.
  1. 論文海報大小規定為直式(85cm寬x 100 cm 高),採1篇論文1面看板,請作者依統一格式製作。
  2. 基本資料:必須有會議名稱、論文標號、題目、作者資料:

    ● 會議名稱:The 28th International Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (TAAI)

    ● 中文或英文題目XXXXXX

    ● 作者1、作者2

    ● 學校系所或單位名稱1、學校系所或單位名稱2

    ● 論文編號:(國際議程請用I,國內議程請用D,EX:D01、I49)

  3. 海報內容:以呈現研究結果為主,除基本資料外,可包含前言、文獻回顧、研究方法、結論及參考文獻等,內容請投稿作者自行斟酌,重點呈現。
  4. 海報請自行輸出,請於Poster Session 開始前完成海報張貼,並於Poster Session 結束後自行拆除。
  5. 報告者應於Poster Session期間進行論文內容講解。
  6. 海報格式下載
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