High school student session

This special session “High School Student Session on Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications” is hosted under TAAI 2023. Artificial intelligence has shown remarkable successes in various real-world applications. The applications of computation intelligence are now shaping the way in various domains, such as businesses, governments, and educational institutions. This special session provides a platform for high school students to increase their participation in the field of computational intelligence. The high school students are encouraged to submit the report or results on their special projects in school or self-study projects on any aspect of computational intelligence or its applications.

Session Information

Session Chair :

Prof. Jen-Wei Huang

Date :

December 2nd 2023

Time :

13:30 ~ 17:00
(※ 14:30-16:30 教育部人工智慧技術及應用人才培育計畫:高中職進階人才培育師生交流會)

Room :

工程五館 EB203

#H1 : A Real-time Home Health Monitoring System with Motion Waveform Using Millimeter-wave FMCW Radar

Yu-Lun Chiou ( Washington High School 華盛頓高級中學 )
Pu Ching ( National Tsing Hua University 國立清華大學 )
Min-Chun Hu ( National Tsing Hua University 國立清華大學 )

#H2 : Identification of Invasive Tumor and Tumor Associated Stroma in Breast Cancer Histopathology through Image Segmentation

Eric Wu ( Taipei Fuhsing Private School 臺北市私立復興實驗高級中學 )
Pau-Choo Chung ( National Cheng Kung University 國立成功大學 )
Linchi Yeh ( National Cheng Kung University 國立成功大學 )

#H3 : When Generative AI Meets Copyright and Artists

Yun-Chien Huang ( Chingshin Senior High School 臺北市私立靜心高級中學 )

注意 Notice

請準備一份簡報進行口頭發表,每篇論文發表 15 分鐘、QA 5 分鐘,並全程使用英文進行。

Please prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the oral presentation. Each paper will be presented for 15 minutes and 5 minutes for Q&A. Oral presentation and Q&A must be conducted in English

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